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Barnowls Home page

Why Barnowls?

For a few years I lived in a house called Barn Owls, in Great Waltham. If you have ever tried to register a memorable domain name then you will know how hard it is. My last domain was cacao, so they are getting more normal...

Since then Ive moved to Elsenham which is nearer to work and on a train line between London and Cambridge.

If you were looking for information about real Barn Owls, then try the search engines there seems to be quite a lot of information out there. Sorry about the links to this page. Here is one to start you off. or there are a few that Ive listed on my links page

Chatterbox Cards is a good UK site for personalised birth announcements, change of address cards and party invitations. You simply choose a design from the website (or their free brochure) and then provide your own wording. You can order online from their website, or by telephone or post. Very quick and convenient. They will even suggest wording if you need help!

My Holiday Photos

Scilly Isles Holiday Photos Link to a selection of Holiday Photos, from the Scilly Isles.
Narrow Boat Holiday Sept 2000 Photos Link to more Holiday Photos.
Holiday in Madeira Sept 2001 Link to more Holiday Photos.
A selection of Photographs from BTCV tasks that I have been on
My Free web site from Eclipse from freeservNothing very interesting here then.
The about: codes for Chrome.

Mind the GAPIf your looking for the photos from Bridges 2003

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